in a single visit

Quick treatment in a single visit

With CEREC, your dentist performs highly esthetic restorations in a single visit and without follow-up appointments.

Comfortable intraoral scanning without the cumbersome impression tray

You no longer have to bite down on the impression material for several minutes and have that annoying sensation of mouth numbness, choking and jaw pain. Your dentist has an intraoral scanner that captures your entire teeth in a matter of seconds and transfers the data to create a 3D model on the computer.

Your final restoration without provisionals

Provisional restorations are exactly what their name suggests: provisional. With CEREC, the final restoration is designed, fabricated and placed in the patient's mouth directly, without the need for temporary repairs.

Long-term stability and durability

More than just theory: with CEREC you can rely on quality that has been proven in millions of cases. Your smile will remain the same for many years!

How it works?

We offer our patients restorations in a single session with all common and high-quality materials. Regardless of the material used, it stands for speed and comfortable treatment without an impression tray, without the cumbersome temporary treatment and with just one session. It's a win-win situation: us delivering a service that meets the highest standards and our patients getting the best treatment.
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